Website Management

Website Hosting

Hosting is the power needed to put your domain name live on the worldwide web. Kind of like electricity to a lightbulb. We do not use a third party host provider (Bluehost/Godaddy/Hostgator). We have our own private dedicated servers that are not shared with others located on the East coast with server backups in Central and West coast, to insure the best in security, page load speed, and 99.9% uptime, which means your website is never down.

Website Maintenance

Think of your website like your house. Once you build your home, you must maintain it in order for it to last. Your website is the same. It must be kept updated, secure from intruders, and protected in case of storms. Your website is also a reflection of your company. How it is presented online plays a role in how a potential customer views you. Keeping your website updated and managed is of most importance. Keeping it secure from being hacked, keeping it updated so it doesn’t crash, and keeping it updated with new content and photos is crucial.

We offer 3 different maintenance options with our hosting service:

Option 1 requires the client to keep their website updated.

Option 2 allows us to keep your website updated.

Option 3 allows us to keep your website updated and includes monthly edits.

Why do you need an ongoing plan if your host updates your WordPress?

Website hosting providers, like Godaddy, may or may not update your WordPress version (please check their policy), but all hosts typically will not update your plugins. WordPress plugins are created by multiple developers and are consistently updated to newer versions to comply with the latest version of WordPress or to address security issues and bugs. However, some plugins become outdated and do not update, which create vulnerabilities. It is not guaranteed that the mandated updates to WordPress will not break the website, nor that plugins will continue to function if not updated.

For this reason, having a trained website manager on hand to monitor the website is necessary to update plugins, rollback plugins, replace plugins or even adjust the theme to continue optimal performance.

Domain Management

A domain name is the first step when creating a new website and is a very important decision when choosing the right name. Your domain will be listed on hundreds of sites, not to mention your business cards and print material. Keeping up with domain renewals and registrar information is often forgotten and sometimes results in losing your website. We make sure this never happens.

Company Email

Having a company email is good business practice. All emails are cloud based and will have an online login ability to access your email from a computer or phone at anytime, which can sync across all of your devices.

Website Hosting


  • 10GB Storage

  • Offsite Backups

  • Security Plus

  • SSL Included

  • 99.9% Uptime

Website Maintenance


  • Wordpress Updates

  • Theme/Plugin Updates

  • WooCommerce Updates

  • Site Monitoring

  • Edits/Updates

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