Clear SEM Solutions has partnered with Userway, offering the world’s leading automated website accessibility solution for ADA and WCAG compliance. Userway has been a forerunner in the efforts to make the web accessible, and we are proud to work with their cloud-based products to help ensure more compliant websites. Watch the video below to learn more.

The #1 Website Accessibility Solution for WCAG and ADA Compliance


Get Compliant & Avoid Lawsuits

The Strongest Legal Mitigation With A $1 Million Guarantee

Trusted By More Than 1,401,360 Websites

Userway Does Not Collect or Store Any User Data, and Maintains The Strictest Complaince Levels with WCAG, ADA, GDPR, UNRUH, EN 301 549, COPPA, and HIPAA Regulations

Over 11,000 Lawsuits:
There was a time when it was possible to get away with having a website that didn’t work for people with disabilities. But those days are long gone, and ADA regulations for web accessibility are being enforced in court. The easiest way to avoid lawsuits is to automate your code’s remediation with UserWay AI-powered solutions.
The widget places a small icon in the bottom left or right side of your website and when you click on the icon a box appears with an accessibility menu.

You can test this experience right here on our website before making a decision. On the left side of this screen is a blue icon. Click on that icon to test the widget.

Clear SEM Solutions handles the installation and management of the widget for our clients. Please contact us for more information.

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