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Hello business owner!  We’re excited that you’re on this page. You’re considering hiring a marketing agency to help your business because you
1) have never hired an agency before
2) can no longer manage marketing yourself
3) are not sure if your current marketing agency is successful
4) want to grow your business and know digital marketing is the way to go
5) you’re just checking us out!

We don’t want to overwhelm you with crazy marketing terms that you may not understand. We focus on making sure our clients are educated and are a part of the process. Communication is our number one requirement to be a client of ours (yes, we have requirements). We’re going to do our best to communicate and educate you on how we can help.

Let’s start off with what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a giant umbrella that encompasses Search Engines (aka Google/Bing), Paid Ads (those listings that appear at the top of a Google search or in your Facebook news feed when you were looking for a new bbq grill), Social Media, Email Marketing, and Websites, that connect prospective and current customers.

So what marketing is right for your business?

That’s why you hire an agency to do the research to determine the best marketing strategy based on your business goals. I mean, you go to the doctor when you’re sick to determine what the best medicine to make you better is, right? Or are you a WebMD self diagnosed patient, wink wink.

You’re a dentist, why would you do the same marketing as a locksmith?

Research will determine which platforms and what budgets are needed once you tell us what your business goals are (if you don’t know this don’t worry, we’re good at helping you figure this out).

A digital marketing agency knows and understands all platforms, branding, and the psychology behind consumer behavior. They know how to make a budget work, track leads, and provide an ROI –> Return on Investment. No more wasting money!

Every client may be different, but the goal is to generate quality leads and convert them into repeatable customers.

We work with small businesses who:

  • sell/service to consumers
  • have the potential for growth
  • have an optimal client value for an achievable ROI

Our focus is on generating leads and putting them in our funnel to track, convert, and provide ROI.

Here’s our pretty cool funnel:

So you’re on our website and you want to know why you should hire us?

Aside from the fact that we’ve been doing this since 2007, we focus on one thing – education. Yep, we work with our clients, daily if needed, to understand what marketing we’re doing that’s working, where the leads are coming from, how many are becoming new customers of yours, and how much money was spent to get that awesome new customer. Our agency is a Google Certified Partner (meaning Google trusts us), we’re a Facebook Agency Account Partner (our very own Facebook Account Manager meets with us regularly to look over our accounts and provide us helpful information about FB/IG updates), and we train weekly (yes, every week). We take pride in building long lasting relationships with our clients. 50% of our clients have been with us 5 years or more!

Google Search Certification
Google Display Certification
Google Video Certification
Google Shopping Certification
Google Ads Apps Certification
Google Analytics Beginners Certified
Google Analytics Advanced Certified

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
Facebook Certified Creative Strategy Professional

You’re still reading, good. Let’s talk about Digital Marketing Services

When we meet with a prospective client, we will be asking a lot of questions in order to determine the best strategy for success. The strategy for one client will not be the same for another. Budgets vary based on many factors and, therefore we cannot provide a price until we have done our research and created a strategy we think will provide the best ROI.

Our main methods of marketing are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Google Paid Ads
  • Social Paid Ads
  • Email Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Getting your business listing to appear on Google maps is crucial, but how do you get to the top? And, how do you get your website to rank near the top of an organic search (non-map listing)? This is where SEO comes in. With the right steps and optimization, we can get your website ranked for the right keywords so your potential customers can find you when they are searching.

Our SEO Items are:

  • Website Optimization

This involves optimizing your website on the backend and frontend for optimal performance in the eyes of Google. Google doesn’t see (or care) how pretty your website is, they look at your code and structure. They’re looking for relevancy to play matchmaker when a user searches their system for something you may be the best fit for, then they put your website in front of them to see if they made a good match. Website management is critical.

  • Listing Optimization

We’re not talking about a house listing, but hey that’s a pretty cool comparison. We’re talking about your Google Business Listing (more about this later if you don’t know what it is), Bing, Yelp (these people call you alllllll the time), and a bunch of other directory sites that list your website, name, address, phone number (like the phone book – remember those). We create/claim and manage those wonderful directory listings for you so potential customers can find you there as well. And a bonus, Google likes when these sites are optimized, too.

  • Reputation Management

This is pretty much Google Review management. Why is this important? A large percentage of people still base their decision whether to contact the business based on the reviews. Google also ranks you better based on review engagement. Responding to these reviews is even more important. Our fancy software allows you to send out review requests to your awesome customers. Once they leave a review we get a notification and respond for you. Unless it’s a sad face review, then we have to get you involved, and sometimes we have to get Google involved.

Google/Social Ads Management

Generating ad clicks on Google and Social platforms is one thing, but optimizing them for quality and qualified leads that can convert into customers is another. This is why we train weekly. I mean, you could do your own ads, but do you do your own root canals? Or do your own electric work? Or do you hire a professional? Using Googles network to display your ads in front of the right audience takes a lot of time and training to make it actually work to get a positive ROI. As I mentioned earlier, we train and are certified with Google to meet their standards for ad performance. Social Media ads are a bit different, more affordable, and a lot more fun.

Social Media Marketing Management

Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with Internet access. Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic through social channels. The increased traffic and communication for organizations fosters brand awareness and often, improved customer service. It is a great return on investment and a great way to create relationships with potential clients and while also keeping your current ones. Social profiles/pages are created and managed by us, too. This can include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube. We will create the posts, engage with the users, and respond to reviews, messages, and comments.

Email Marketing

Sending a monthly newsletter can be a good idea with the right audience, but do you know how to optimize your email list and send emails they’ll want to open? Email marketing is a great tool to gain new and repeatable business. You can also target new customers or potential customers when they’ve visited your website.

You made it to the part where you can schedule a free consultation with us!

We would love to chat with you, learn what your goals are, and why you’re in need of a marketing agency. So fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you before your next cup gets cold.

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